How Do I Choose A Guest Posting Site?

How Do I Choose A Guest Posting Site?

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Is Guest Posting Really Necessary?

Guest posting, also referred to as Guest Post Blogging, is an act in which you ask a third party to contribute to a blog that will be posted on your Guest Posting Site. The guest blogger and the website hosting the guest material might gain from guest blogging. Guest bloggers contribute to comparable blogs in their business to drive traffic to their own websites, raise their domain authority, network with colleagues in the same field, and increase brand recognition and credibility. Therefore, Guest Post Blogging plays a very important role in an organisation and it is really very necessary.


Choosing The Right Guest Posting Site

Not every website that accepts guest posts is the same. Some websites that cater to your topic may have some traffic, but they may also be full of biased views. By association, this casts a negative light on your brand. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the right guest posting site which may be quite hectic. So, here are some of the factors that can help you in the selection of the right guest posting site –


  • Evaluation Of Target Audience – It is very necessary for the audience to align with the niche of the article. Therefore, it is very essential to find a site that already caters to your target audience. It is important to examine who reads them on a monthly basis, how many people visit them, & what their demographics are. Additionally, one must confirm that their audience matches the consumer profiles.


  • Analysis Of Traffic Stats – Users must have access to detailed traffic insights on the guest posting website. The guest posting websites should provide information about their readership statistics and monthly site traffic. For instance, how many people read articles each month, who their main audience is, how many pages are seen on average, etc. In terms of displaying traffic statistics, it must be quite clear. Sites that don’t make their stats visible raise serious concerns.


  • Analysis Of Other Posts On Platform – Analyzing other material is a great technique for eLearning creators to decide if the guest blogging site is appropriate for them. One must determine whether there are any related issues, the overall tone and style of the material, the major audience market, etc. The accuracy of the information is another factor to take into account. Personal opinions are always preferred, but trustworthy posting platforms should be devoid of defamation and lies.


  • Website Engagement – Looking at how many shares, likes, and tweets posts on the website receive is crucial. Although it is your responsibility to share your article with your audience. You must be aware that your post will also be seen by readers of the site. Additionally, one should make sure that influencers are included in the comments on the page. With them, one might establish partnerships that might open up further prospects.


  • Platform Must Have Posting Guidelines – The posting standards may appear to be a restriction since they prevent you from using all of your creative flexibility. But it’s crucial to pick a website with posting standards. This is due to the fact that it gets rid of promotional postings, re-posts, and sales pitches that don’t provide anything of value to the reader. Search for websites that accept best practice manuals, frank reviews, troubleshooting pieces, and predictions about eLearning trends.


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